The confirmation of Hon. Alex Baidoo, nominated by His Excellency the President, took place promptly at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, in the Conference Hall of the District Assembly. Among the dignitaries present were the Regional Minister, Nananom, BNI Commander, Police Commander, Immigration officials, members of the media, the Coordinating Director, among others.

The District Electoral Officer of Wassa Amenfi Central District informed the Assembly that, only Honorable Assembly Members and Appointees were eligible to vote. According to records, there were a total of Thirty-Four (34) elected Honorable Assembly Members and Appointees, all of whom were present. As per the rules, at least two-thirds (2/3) of the total votes must be in favor of His Excellency the President’s nominee to confirm him as the new District Chief Executive of the Wassa Amenfi Central District Assembly.

He then presented a sample of the ballot paper to the assembly, explaining that it contained only two (2) options: “Yes” to confirm His Excellency the President’s nominee or “No”. He also showed the August House, the empty ballot box to confirm indiscrimination. Each Honorable Assembly Member and Government Appointee’s name was called one by one to cast their vote on the voting screen

After the voting concluded, it was revealed that all Thirty-Four out of Thirty-Four (34/34) individuals voted “Yes” to confirm His Excellency the President’s nominee, Hon. Alex Baidoo, as the new District Chief Executive of Wassa Amenfi Central District Assembly. Shortly afterward, he was sworn in by the District Magistrate.

The District Chief Executive expressed his gratitude to all the Honorable Assembly Members, Nananom, Dignitaries, and everyone in attendance for their overwhelming support in securing his confirmation into office. He emphasized his anticipation of receiving continuous support from them as he carries out his responsibilities as District Chief Executive, aiming to enhance the welfare of the District. He reassured those present that he would prioritize improving the condition of roads throughout the District

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